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Initial assignment in Creativity for Learning in Higher Education

Select something I would never use in my classroom – conflicts with all of us being whole people with sometimes difficult things to explain. From a current perspective the most relevant part of my life is my whole life which I’m defending from erasure by health care providers who apparently see me as an inconvenience.

Of course there are things in my life that should be kept private? Sure there are.

To explain myself – I worked for years with apprentices in the building trades. We were never trained in any way how to train others and since my preference (or luck) brought me the “difficult” ones that reminded me of myself there was really nothing in them seeming in need of correction. Other than their tattered self-esteem. I offered support with very few conditions. My new project involves helping a few people I used to work with who find themselves reassigned to a job they could be better at.

Interesting article below.

How To Weave Growth Mindset Into School Culture

Mind/Shift series How we will learn kqed

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