Past Present Future

My past is pretty long at this point. Early on I struggled with school yet once free to determine my own educational path I’ve challenged myself continuously with professional development, extension service art and writing courses, and online almost everything.

Presently I’m without a job and unsure where this is going.

For the future I’m particularly interested in the paradox of being able to “keep track” of people with our big data engines coupling with an apparent need for institutions to simplify people down the conveniently processed objects. In particular, my poor health keeps me occupied and in thoughtful proximity of medical system yet my rural location finds me continually falling through the cracks.

Mostly I’m interested in why the “system” regards me as (not sure how to put this?) just not there. Does a person need to have a story to qualify for care? Can a person survive care without having an internal something that continues to sustain them or do we just go along at a particular body temperature until the fire goes out?

To me, creativity is a continual battle against indifference. It’s about paying attention. Evening Sky Oct 6


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